Project San Dimas Update

30 05 2007

The fine folks at Project San Dimas have some cool new stuff up, like a charity auction and FAQs about the project. Check it out…


Tune In to the Flex Show

30 05 2007

Hey all you peoples! The guys at The Flex Show, Jeff and Ryan, were nice enough to have me on to yak about Flex and Rails. You can listen to part 1 here

I had a great time, and hopefully opened up the Flex minds to the possibilities of Rails.

Sandimas project in public beta

19 04 2007

One of the announcements I’m behind on is that the eBay desktop app, codenamed San Dimas is ready for public beta. Check it out. Comment on the blog.

Apollo’s update framework is pretty sweet, so as we release changes you can quickly get the new version with pretty much no effort. We’re looking at adding bug reporting now, so we can make sure that we get the right feedback from users. Changing the face of eBay. Good Times.