Artemis BoF at Web 2.0 Expo

13 04 2007

If you’re going to Web 2.0 next week check out the Artemis BoF I’ll be hosting.

I’m going to try to make it a quick presentation followed by lots of discussion with you guys about what you want Artemis to be – what kind of things you want to do that Artemis would enable.


Somebody’s Nocking…

13 04 2007


17 03 2007

A few co-workers, Sean Christmann, Adam Flater and I at effectiveUI have been working on a project to extend and enhance Adobe’s Apollo by connecting it with Java. Our very own Sean Christmann, demo-ed what we have so far at Apollo Camp last night. Sean, formerly a mere padawan learner is now a Jedi Knight as proved by this video. Impressive! Very Impressive…

You can learn more about Artemis here, but I’ll give a quick rundown in delicious blog form right now.

First off, the name says it all: Artemis was the twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology. That’s the idea of the project – it sets up Apollo to work along side Java and vice versa. When both these technologies are released the experience will be as seamless as starting any other Apollo application but by using Artemis a developer can tap into the power of any Java library to do anything Java can do. Access peripheral devices, load native libraries, transform xml using xslt, connect to a database with jdbc, ect.

Think of it like this: Let Java do what it’s already good at, and let Flex/Flash with Apollo do what it’s good at. Think of how cool Java applications will look and work now that Apollo can be the front end to anything you can write in Java. Burn your Grid Bags! Everyone who’s used e4x in Flex knows how great a step forward it is, but perhaps wants something more, like xslt support – especially now that html is supported in Apollo. Java already has libraries to do that – now you can use them.

The big idea here though is the community behind the project. Artemis is also a library framework along the lines of something like a java servelet container. Developers will be able to write and publish the Java and Flex components that make up an Artemis library at the Artemis Website. These libraries will make it easy for other developers to make use of the technology I’ve mentioned and more that I’ve not even thought of. When someone needs to do something a little crazy in Apollo, the first place they’ll look is to Artemis to see if there’s already a library that makes it trivial.

Keep in mind that Artemis is in alpha, which is one step further along from pie in the sky. We’ll make it come together with your help as we get ideas for what the community wants out of it. Keep an eye on and speak up once we get some forum action up there. Let us know the kinds of things you want to be able to do with Apollo, and as more information and tutorials become available, start making those ideas into libraries we can all use.

It’s a very exciting time. Keep in touch as we get this thing going.