Goodbye, cruel wordpress

20 06 2007

Gentle Readers,

Over the years, it’s become painfully obvious that this affair with WordPress has become too restrictive, and I can’t put my twitter badge on my blog. It saddens me, but I have to move on.

Please update your records to find me blogging at

Thank you


San Dimas Beta goes Live

11 06 2007

We have it on authoritay that the San Dimas Beta is going beta with invites to go out today. Can’t wait to see what people think of it…

Adobe Goes Crazygonuts

10 06 2007

Look at all these announcements:

I mean, could we handle even one more announcement at this point? I’m up in the Air about that.


With the all the activity on Twitter, we really got an Airfull from Adobe. Wait, that sounded like Brad

Now what do we re-name Artemis? Breeze? whoops… How about Hot Air? I like it!

The Flex Show Part 2

7 06 2007

I’m a day late, but the second part of my The Flex Show interview on Flex with Rails is up here.

We finished up talking about REST, talk about FDS a little more, about some of the key concepts of Rails, and then about DHH’s objections to RIAs. I plan on blogging more about my answer to DHH later, but for now, have a listen to The Flex Show.