Web 2.0: Shiny and Schwaggy

19 04 2007

I know I was supposed to have blogged every session and keynote and done this whole thing in a much more modular fasion, but instead I’ll blast it all up here in a very Web 1.0 way. I guess I’ll never learn.

Now in brilliant outline form!

I was supposed to be at the conference to be part of the session going public. I ended up being a little disappointed by the sessions – probably due to a misconception of what the event was going to provide geeks like me – I thought there would be a lot more technical information. There were a few I enjoyed though:

  • Mike Beltzner, UX Lead of Firefox, had a great session on dealing with the chaos of open source development. Learn more here than I could condense into this paragraph usefully.
  • Microformats are very interesting. You heard me. I’m already scheming a framework for Flex to work with these little buggers. I’m interested in seeing what people are going to make of microformats because that’s the point – community adoption validates the format.

Our Booth
… was insane. We (effectiveUI) had a really clean, sort of “shop-like” booth, which made people want to come in and poke around, and a metric ton of people came. It was interesting that most other

booths and sponsors featured products while we’re a services company (with some products). Most people came by and asked “What does it do?”. There was interest once that light went on. I think we’re going to have more work than we can possibly imagine doing.

I was also suprised at the number of people that unabashedly just came up to ask what schwag we had for them. Leeches! Most of the people were really interesting though.

The BoF
So the Artemis Birds of a Feather was a little underwhelming as far as attendance. That’s understandable, since a BoF assumes that everyone is on the same page. Still, maybe the word got a little more out there.

Tim O’Reilly expostulated about what web 2.0 is, why the bubble-fears shouldn’t stop us, and how much work there is yet to do. Quote: “The Web is just now in the visicalc era”.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon talked about sqs, Mechanical Turks, s3, and ec2. He talked about the idea of another service where you could programmatically tell amazon to expect the receipt of a set of packages (physical packages), and then programmatically tell them to ship some or all of those packages somewhere, and then pay them for the storage. That with the other aws services is the recipe for an almost complete virtual business. Crazy. I’m very excited to get to use at least ec2.

Kevin Lynch did the “high order bit” about Apollo, basically. He of course mentioned the eBay Desktop (created by effectiveUI) as an Apollo application, but also demoed Adobe Media Player and Buzzword as examples of Apollo apps.

All in all, a good time. I’m tired.




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